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Need Help designing a tshirt

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I have a client that wants a tshirt that says out of order. He wants it to look like someone taped a piece of paper on him and hand wrote out of order on it. I've searched the online vector art images and can't find anything that could be cut with a vinyl cutter. I need this to be a one color job, so I am just looking for an outlined image. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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What program do you have? Do you have a scanner?
Ok, here is what I would do. Draw a square, like a post-it then draw a smaller square in one corner. Add a rectangle at the top (the tape). Select the smaller rectangle and convert it to curves, delete the bottom corner node, curve the three remaining side just a little bit. Select the square (post-it ) cover it to curves, add two nodes where the smaller(now triangle ) touches, so the corner looks turned up. Use the rake tool on the two edges of the rectangle at the top to make it look like the tape has been ripped. On a piece of paper print out “Out of Order!” scan this in, trace it and drop it in. Thicken up lines on post-it as needed. Rotate on a slight angle on shirt.


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I followed you with everything till I got to the rake tool. I did a help search and nothing came up.
What version of Corel do you have?
It is in X4 second tool down, sorry roughen brush tool! You could just adjust the nodes so the edge looks torn.
X3. I'm not very good with Corel. Would you be interested in a job? I'm up against the wall on this one and would be willing to pay someone to just do the outline of the image for me. I don't need the wording. That I can do.
Let me know if you still need help with this.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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