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Need help curing water based inks!

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Hello everyone!

Can you use a heat press to cure water based inks? All I have is a heat press and I want to print on soft %100 cotton white shirts so plastisol inks would be too thick on these shirts so I really would like the soft feel of water based inks. I understand you need air flow so would hanging them up to dry for a couple days be okay before I heat press them, or would I have to buy a heat gun I know walmart sells one for $20 so thats not so bad even though I'd rather not if I don't have to. I just don't want to waste my time and money if my prints are just going to get all messed up if curing is imposable without a belt heater. I am not selling these shirts, They are for personal wear so it doesn't have to be %100 percent perfect, just able to last and not get destroyed after a wash and dry. Does anyone have good experience with this? I plan to use the ryonet R20 inks. Looking for someone who has done this with success and would love an example picture if possible. I'm looking forward to your response's, THANK YOU!!!!:):):):):confused::confused::confused::):): ):)
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Another option is a discharge agent for plastisol (like the Plasticharge that Ryonet sells). I've used it a few times, and it gives a very nice soft hand when washed.
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