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need help creating PDF files for my images

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I am trying to create a pdf file, I have a ton of embroidery files some have pdf files that I can print and have a catalog of the images.
But many do not my question is do I have to convert each embroidery file to a jpeg or other image and then get it on a pdf to print out a catalog of the images. If anybody knows a link or info on preforming this task I would greatly appreciate it.
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Go to FILE and EXPORT. You can export as a jpeg, pdf and psd to name a few.
Ok I will try opening each file in my embroidery program an see if it will let me do that. not sure if corel x4 will let me import a .dst file but good suggestion.
if you have a PDF printer installed on your computer you should be able to open the digitized file in your EMB software and print that file to a pdf.
Thanks, I found a free pdf creator primopdf and it's working out good just takes time because you have to open each embroidery file and print, then save the pdf to a file,
Thanks everybody
This is a pretty good PDF creator - FREE
CutePDF - Create PDF for free, Free PDF Utilities, Save PDF Forms, Edit PDF easily.

As fas as creating the file.
Depends on your embroidery software.

I use Wilcom and it has a design capture function that allows me to save it as a JPEG, PNG or BMP.

The beauty of this design capture function, it only captures the design and not the whole screen.

Once you have captured all the designs you want/need, import the images into Corel, Illy or Acrobat (if you have it).

Do the layout and publish the PDF.
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If you are working with these images in Coreldraw, ou don't need any outside software. Corel has a built in pdf creator. Go to File>Publish to PDF
I have to open the design in Stitch & sew studio plus is what I have for embroidery software, that's the only way I can see the design.
I installed primo pdf a free program so when I go to print the design I send it to primo pdf, the only problem is that there are hundreds of designs so I have to open each design then print to the pdf file, very time consuming.
Someone said about a program called catalogit I checked it out looks like it will do all of it very quickly but the Program has great reviews and real bads one also, so I'm not sure about buying it.
Does anyone have any expieriance with catalogit . Catalog It! Embroidery Design Catalog Software
Another great Free/OpenSource programme is PDFForge - http://www.pdfforge.org
As mentioned above there is also Cute PDF and Primo. I recall one of them allows you to append PDF pages so once you have opened your designs you would "print" to PDF and then select a name for the file and when you do the next design you select the same PDF file name and it will ask if you want to overwrite or append the file. You select append and it will add a page to your existing PDF file and so on for all your other designs you print to PDF. Obviously there are easier ways...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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