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Need Help: best type of paper i can get at a local store?

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Im in a tight spot i have to have 5 shirts printed up by tommorow but just found out im out of transfer paper. Im using a pretty decent heat press and was wondering what is the best type of paper i can get at a local store (e.g. CompUsa, OfficeMax) Im worried about the quality of these papers and if anyone hes any suggestions i would appreciate it. Thanks
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I've read people here using Avery transfer paper at local stores (with varied success).

If you do a forum search for Avery, you should pull up some past discussions about this paper.
You also might be able to convince a member here (or on the Yahoo HTFDP board) to sell you a few transfers to ship out quickly, or you might even find one that lives nearby.

Avery is an okay paper (a lot better than OfficeMax brand; those are the only two "public" papers I've tried), but I don't know if you want to have a few lower quality shirts in the mix.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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