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Need help adjust business name to get a web address

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I am trying to get my website setup and having difficulty picking my domain name. I have my business name, but that is already taken by itself. I was wondering for you guys what did you add onto you business name to get your ____.com.

____ink.com, ____screen.com, etc. the ones I come up with just seem so cookie cutter.

Thanks for any input
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what is your business name? that might help with suggestions. :)
Not knowing your business name does make it tough to offer suggestions.

When I started I originally bought the .biz for my business because the .com i wanted was owned by someone else but not really used. It took a year but i waited for the .com to become available (the original owner never renewed it) then purchased it directly from the host and transfered it to my provider.
or, you could change the name of your business to a domain this is available. just a thought.
The business name is Sevan, I wasn't sure if i was allowed to put that in the first post. Its a mash of my wives and my name. I am just screen printing orders, no retail or clothing line tied to this business. So I don't need something too flashy but I would like something that's not generic sounding. I also figure I can't just call it Sevan it has to be Sevan____. Like Sevan Screen Printing, Sevan Unlimited, Sevan Printing..... Those are what I am coming up with but I feel those sound generic. I would like to have something that if the company grows and adds something out side of screen printing the name wouldn't limit it.

I guess I wasn't that creative:rolleyes:. When I found my business name was already taken, I just added "Online" to it:eek:
It does not matter what name you choose, it will be limiting......Sooner or later you will sell stuff that your name does not reflect....
It helps for for google ranking to have your main keyword in your web address.. for example _______printing.com or _________tshirts.com or whatever your main search keyword would be.:)
Hmm, They have an under construction page and have been there since 1996 with no changes other than to change their under construction page and a few other attempts at a webiste?

Call them and offer to buy it.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

SevAn.com - Sev An
Record expires on 01-Mar-2017.
Record created on 28-Feb-1996.

Otherwise do something like 24Sevan or TwentyFourSevan or SevanUP or something along those lines like a play on words. It will be more memorable.
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