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Need help Adding a Preview Box for Custom Text

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I'm not real sure on the terminology but I would like to add a box that would display a preview of the custom text (decal) my customers would order.

I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get an easy code/software to create such a thing or can tell me what to ask for when I speak to a programmer? I currently maintain my own site on the bigcommerce platform and really need to add this feature for as cheap as possible.

Thanks in advance guys!:D
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What you want help with is creating a thumbnail image of your product. And i believe it can be done on the big commerce site give them a buzz and good luck!
Thanks for the link and yes bigcommerce does allow you to have a specific image for different custom fields, but I want to display the custom word/words that customers would like made into decals. The link below is a good example.

that is not meant to be an ad.
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