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There are a lot of different heat press processes.
1) Plastisol Transfer- As close as your going to get to direct screen print
2) DTG- wait a few years for quality to go up and printer price down
3) Inkjet Transfer-Good for light shirts, Opaticity Isuues on colors, will leave a carrier sheet hand
4) Inkjet Transfer for darks- Cracking, fading, "hand" issues
5) Digital Transfer-opaticity issues on dark shirts, clogging issues with white ink, better hand than Inkjet, less cost per carrier sheet.
6) Inkjet Dye Sub- exspensive ink, less hand than standard inkjet.
7) Cutter and vinyl, Cutter costs, time consuming "weeding" not good for multiple colors
I don't really think you are going to be able to make an informed decision from a single sample. I try to stick to plastisol transfer, whenever quantity dictates. Vinyl is great for 1 or 2 color simple art. Small detail means extra weeding time. Be prepared to buy specific special inks for the rest. All these methods have there place in regard to the types of designs you are doing and the quality/shirt price you are trying to achieve.
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