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Need Guidance; Thinking of adding to business by heat press, looking for help and ideas.

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:D Good Afternoon, I am a new member here and "New" in this business. We have a small business which we embrodiery on all types of items. We are thinking of expanding our business by adding a heat press, screen printing. Still up in air on screen printing. We have Master Works II, Corel Photo and Studio Plus to create and edit our designs. I am looking for help on Clearsoft transfer paper, I have a Dell photo 924 inkjet printer, can I use clearsoft transfer paper for our designs? Do I need to purchase a certain printer? Just wanted some advice before I start purchasing alot of stuff that I don't need. All the help is GREATFULLY appreciated.

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<-----look to the preferred vendors to the left. Several of them have what you are looking for and also offer start up guides and videos to teach. You can also look at having transfers done that imho look much better than anything you can do on a home inkjet printer.
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