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Need Feedback on my site.

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Need some feed back on my site Click Here For Site
All i need is the actual products but review the design.
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thanks...do you see anything wrong with it that i can fix?
The only thing i seen that can use some work is the contact when you fill Name Email Message it does not look right to me because telephone picture looks really nice and having it on top does not look right 2 me..
the design is nice, but it seems too clean to know what you want people to do. why people register as member when they can't even know what you are selling ? the competition is very fiece, you know.
I like the design, the only thing I would change from a design perspective is the index page, I'd take off the logos on the right side (UPS etc) as it gives a fast impression that I am going to be hit with ads, even though that isn't your intention - I realise you want to give the impression that you are accessable via differing card payments and fast delivery - that's not what the average user will interpret. I would also ensure that the user can see on that page exactly what you 'do', ie bespoke tshirts etc? it takes 5-10 seconds for a user to move on from your page if they don't see what they are looking for :)

Good luck
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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