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Thanks for the input. I have a few of the custom designs on the front page. But I'm a decorator so that was how I incorporated that. But no one is going there. (the builder) Out of 3500 visits not a one. They look at the designs but no one is buying. Well, not no one but the ratio is like 300 to 1. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Very Frustrating!!!
Unless you are filtering out bots, 90% of that traffic is bots.

A few things that stand out.
  1. I do not understand the menus.
  2. No need for a home button, everyone already knows clicking the logo goes to the "home page"
  3. Why a shop menu items with a drop down, those should be main menu items.
  4. The site does not make it crystal clear that you can buy stuff on it.
  5. No phone number, get a Google Voice number if no business line.
  6. Products have no description which will kill your SEO.
  7. Products appear to have missing bullet points.
  8. Big hero image, logo and name seems more like a company information site than an ecommerce site.
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