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I apologize if this is against forum rules, but I'm in need of an embroiderer.

I screen print, and although I was hoping to grow the business to a point where I could also do embroidery, it's just taking me forever to get there. I need to offer embroidery to be competitive though. I had someone locally doing them and she was pretty good, and now she is retiring. I can't go to other local embroiderers because they are my printing competition. Any one here in near Southern California want some extra business?

The reason I labeled this post "Exceptional" is because my competitions embroidery is actually really good. Not a lot of jump stitches, real clean, and using the 3D stitch often. I a while back used someone from online and it was so bad the customer asked me "would you pay for this" and I had to give them a discount. I realize now the embroiderer could have offered some recommendations regarding some small text that was in the graphics that stitched like crap, kind of like how I do when printing designs that I know won't look good.

Anyways, hit me up with a pm if interested. I don't have a lot, but if we can pump out some quality, I'm sure I can really start pushing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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