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I am considering starting my own clothing line for babies and little girls. I would love to have my designs (Created in Adobe Illustrator) to be printed on baby onesies, infant to youth size t-shirts, knit dresses etc. I can even provide the blanks on certain items like the dresses.

I just don't have the money/time/ability to do the actual printing myself yet. I don't need fulfillment as I will have the items shipped to me for further embellishment. I.E. ruffles sewn onto the hems or "bling" added and then put together with matching hair accessories and tutus that I make etc. Will be very cutesy baby and little girl designs to sell in my boutique.

I'd like no minimums as I am just getting started but as things progress I hope to order in larger quantities. When I say no minimums though I mean I wouldn't just order 1 shirt. I'd order 2 of EACH size with the same design for example on multiple color shirts. So I might do a onesie and a infant to toddler design I'd get 2 of each size and in say 3 different color shirts.

Other perks could be flat rate or free shipping as I won't have to raise the price of the products too high.

So I'm probably looking for a smaller printer that is willing to work with me on developing a clothing line rather than just a bulk screen or DTG printer.

My store won't be opening for a while, right now I'm working on designs and logistics of it all but I need to get started on finding someone to work with and start buying the printing a little at a time until I have enough to open my shop.

Will also be hiring models to take pics of the work so I can sell online. So you'll be able to add them to your portfolio of designs printed too.

I'm very much interested in keeping everything as much as possible, made in USA too.

Hopefully if you got all the way through reading all this you have some information for me. :)
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