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Need Designer for a New Line

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Hi everyone,
To start off, I'll just note that I have already organized the business and starting on the web design, so I am very serious about this venture.


  1. Will require an NDA and non-competition agreement (for ideas presented only :p)
  2. Will need to assist with creative process
  3. Will need to own all rights to artwork
  4. Will need 5-10+ designs that are fairly simplistic, mostly text, am very open to addons, designs, etc
  5. Prefer experience with trendy designs, like Tshirts you would find at Express, Guess, etc.
  6. I will ask further questions via email:
- Samples of various designs with estimated hours for completion
- Hourly rate
- Current workload
- Turnaround time
Please email: joey (@) joeytam [.] com
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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