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Need conveyor dryer repair man in Florida or Georgia

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Hey everyone ,we recently picked up a old Harco CD 2411 conveyor dryer, we got it cheap and it was suppose to work fine, but you know how that goes. We got it home and i had a electrician friend come wire it up for me. Well, what do you know, it doesnt power on, At ALL. NO belt, heaters etc. I have since had a few electricians come take a look but with no real luck. I contacted Brown Manu. to get a wiring diagram, which was a terrible handwritten diagram. i could really use someone that specializes in conveyor dryers and or heating elements. We are in Jacksonville,FL. Someone local would be great. Any help or suggestions would be great! thank you
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You can reach out to Sean Roeder at Roeder Industries (Roeder Industries Online Store - Welcome To Roeder Industries). He is based out of Orlando, but travels up to Jacksonville. His cell # is 407-694-8679. His company works on a lot of different types of automatic presses, dryers and other screen printing related equipment (i.e. CTS,...).

Best wishes with the new piece of equipment.

Thank you very much mark! I talked to sean and he is going to help me out. Thanks again

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