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Need contract printer in Australia /NSW asap for 3000-5000 piece t-shirt/hoodie runs

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Hi all,
i am working with a merchandise company in los angeles, and we are expanding the product line for one of our clients to australia. they have a warehouse in NSW. looking for a local printer in australia that can qoute us out and handle 3000-5000 runs with 2-6 color prints on dark garments, mostly t-shirts and a pullover hoodie as well.
please let me know if you can help.
also, there may be a jumbo print needed.
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Hey mate

Were nsw base dtg printer and screen printers, could you please send us more info about your projects including any sample artwork.. Please email me at ferdz[USER=3492]@Print[/USER]s4us.com.au

I'm sure I can help out with that, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can provide you with a quote and details.
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