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Need Comment about my website

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Need some comments and suggestion about our website


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I just took a quick look, but what I seen looks really good.
Hi Lisa,

I took a look. I like the colors and photos -really nice.

If I had to pick something, I guess I would suggest:

1. Try to shorten the verbage. There is alot of writing, which means alot of reading. When I see that, I usually will skim the paragraph and in the process, will miss information. If you weed out the most important stuff for me, then I won't miss the *message* you are trying to get across. Laying info out in a way that's easy to absorb helps me read faster, makes the page more interesting and varied, too, imo.

Like for example, the paragraph that highlights occasions that are great for tees is a longer paragraph, and the word custom is repeated.

I can read something like this:

Event and Celebration Custom T-shirts:
* Family reunions
* School reunions
* Weddings
* Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties
* Birthdays
* Halloween
* Patriotism
* Valentine's Day
* New Year's Eve
* Anniversaries (I added that one :D)

Corporate Custom T-shirts:

* Company Promotional Shirts
* Company Picnics (just an idea)
* Customer Appreciation (just an idea to beef this section up)

Faster than I can read something like this:

(I just copy/pasted from the site if that's okay)

Use your own artwork, or choose from our wide variety of custom theme design such as custom family reunion t shirts, custom printed school reunion t shirts, Weddings T-Shirts, Bachelorette T-Shirts, Birthday T-Shirts, Halloween T-Shirts, Patriotic T-Shirts, Valentine's T-Shirts, New Year's T-Shirts are just a few of the events that could use printed T-Shirts as part of the celebration. At Designed By Lisa, we provide quality digital printing.

We also have Custom Business T-Shirts which are a great way to market your company. If you don't have your own artwork/logo, our in-house designer will make it for you.


Maybe focus on condensing the information to as little as possible, a little more than "bullets" - while still getting the important meaning across.

If I am shopping for something, I am usually shopping a few sites for it. I am gathering information, so the less "extras" I have to read thru, the better for you (I'll stay on the site) and me, I get thru the info fast and onto doing what I am there to do "SHOP". :D

**The second thing that would enhance the site would be to get the width more narrow as it flows past the viewable screen on my monitor. It's usually a bother to me to not be able to see the "entire screen" and have to use the scroll bar to move side to side.

Good luck, all this jabberjawing is only an effort to help enhance the site, not to knock it in anyway. If you changed nothing, you'd do fine, it looks good, but if I had to choose something, it would be organize the words to be more bullet-like, more efficient to get thru the reading part, and to narrow the site settings. Best of luck to you and .....
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Maybe I missed something but how do you get back to the home page without hitting the back button?
They're all making me feel guilty.. I am sorry, Lisa... I was only trying to contribute. One usually has very little time to make a big impression, so my advice to others is the same I've given to you. Say it simply and quickly - so that at least read it. The site does look great, and I wish you the best. :)
no no no you dont have to say sorry. actually you are right. there are too much words in my site. thats why i asked for comments so that it will make it more look better. thanks for your all comments. same as to others members. it is really help us.we are still working on it and trying to get ready for the coming fair in other area.
Extra $1 for adult large? I've never seen that before. Reason is most suppliers don't charge more until 2x. So, I have to ask, is the graphic considerably larger for adult Large vs adult Medium? I am a large, so I would wonder. Otherwise, you're doing a fine job.
looks good.
in internet explorer the homepage shows a horizontal scroll as well. the gap between the two top logos is too much. in firefox its fine.

online store page as well got a horizontal scroll on my 1024*768 resolution. i normall dont use horizontal scrolling if there is vertical scrolling as well. because its not convenient for the user
It's rather bland. I don't like to side scroll on any page for more info and such. Homepage pics could be better. I hope that my honest observations helps. Best.
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