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Need club logo redrawn from a jpeg

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Hi all,

I need a club logo redrawn from a low pixel jpeg. The president never had the vectorized image and wishes to have shirts made. I need this logo to be a six color image (red, blue, yellow, brown and grey with a white underbase). I will be screenprinting and getting heat transfers with this design. The logo has recently been modified for their current colors to be a 4 color design and they want to go back to the original so it has to be as close to exact as the jpeg as possible with special attention to the tusks and skull shading.

Thanks in advance.


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Does he have a bigger jpeg of the scull and tusks... it looks like to me when it was first drawn that the flames and writing were vector and the scull was raster... then converted to raster after it was completed

I'm no graphics pro but I would think it would be hard to get the same shading in the scull with vector. I would try and keep the scull raster if I could..

What size are you trying to go?
The Next Level:

[email protected] or 212-518-8684 or Elvee (404) 337-3029 he's in Jersey, but has a GA number.
That's the best image of the skull and tusks he has. This has been a battle for me the last week. This is a front chest and large back logo. I'm currently trying vector with halftones and having a heck of a time.
Would you like someone to redraw it? That way it can be a clean vector. Do you do your seps in Corele?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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