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Need best price for 2"x2" 2-color dye sublimation price

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Could someone please help me find places who will give me the best price for dye-sublimation of a 2"x2" picture of two colors?
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Yes, just the prints. On 100% polyester.
Try and be a little bit more crystal!! Do you want someone to print the paper and press or just print the paper send to you and print or are you just trying to get a Guesstimate on the price that you will charge someone????
poly squares printed, what quantity? could you explain the whole process your trying to do? thanks uncletee.
I want a 2x2" design on the front top left corner of my shirt. need a quote for doing that in 2-colors with dye sublimation. Nothing more.
Your shirt has to be 100% polyester. Dye sub doesn't worry about colors. We can print the entire rainbow. Are you going to be pressing the transfer on yourself, or are you looking for someone to print the transfer and then press it onto your shirt? Again you still need a 100% white or very light colored pastel (which will throw those 2 colors off - white being impossible to print on colored fabric).
I want to provide the t-shirts, and the picture. I just need the cost of someone doing the dye-sub process. If prices are reasonable, then I would like to consider the price of the printing (with our design) and 100% polyester shirt. I need to first know how it looks, and then order in batches of 20.
$0.80 each, unlimited colors.
WOW i was going to say 2.00 but you can't beat that price
WOW i was going to say 2.00 but you can't beat that price
I was right about there too.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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