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Need Assistance Please! Polos

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Hello Everyone,

I have been looking for the right polo for sometime and still no luck. TrYing to find a cotton pique polo with the side vents, 2 buttons, with short sleeves. Something similar to the Ralph Lauren Classic Polo. I have tried the Jerzees 440M and the Outer Banks polo but they didn't seem right. I have thought about getting them from overseas manufacturers but only need approx 300 and most companies have a mininum of 500 or 1000 pieces..Fruit of Loom has a cotton premium pique polo which looks good but is only availble in the UK. Please help.
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What kind of price point are you looking for?

2 buttons?....Most have 3 or 4.....
Price is not the concern as much as quality is. Something under $10 would be nice. Would also prefer 2 buttons.
At 10.00 you do not get much......Just a basic polo......And not exactly a quality shirt....Sorry these are not 2 button...

Zorrel has their Z1088/Z5088 Oakwood......They ship from Kansas City but prepay duty and freight on orders over C$250.00.... www.zorrel.com/catalog/product.php?pid=81

Fashion Biz has their P10512/PL115LS.....They ship from Vancouver...But they have a pretty good deal on freight....Not sure who their contact is for ON.... Biz Collection

You mentioned Jerzees....As far as I know they no longer has a distributor in Canada....And the last time I looked, they did not have a CA# to be sold in Canada.....Also, in case you did not know, there is 18% duty on most textiles shipped from US to Canada...
you should produce the pattern yourself, that way you'll have the perfect polo. Then shop for overseas professionals (alibaba is a good source). 300 prod. is no problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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