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Don't over estimate the level of subtlety that DTG can print.

Even if the print settings and pretreatment are perfect for the art and garment in question (not likely with POD!), you are better off maintaining more contrast between elements and not depending upon subtle differences in shade and color, as those are not likely to be apparent in the actual print.

For example, the red and gold suggestion made above for the collar is going to print much better than your subtle shading of gold on gold.

Based on a pun ... is that "S" borrowed from Superman? Such IP owners get rather belligerent about infringement. Any mention of their IP in your listing text is likely to bring them down upon you, as they pay IP protection services to search and destroy (or have their own in-house staff to do so). Same likely applies to the other half of the pun. You might reconsider the usefulness of a design that depends upon keywords tied to trademarks. If you don't use those keywords, maybe no customer will find it. If you do use them, maybe the IP owners will.
Thanks, I guess the Minted version is too complicated. And it is based a pun, titled "Invest in Krypto" as in Krypto, Superman's dog. It's on some POD sites, and it'll just get taken down from the site if WB see's it. Is "bootleg" art not allowed for the art critique forum? That'll be good to know for next time, even though almost all my sales are bootleg.
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