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Need Advise - GT381 + 50/50 Black Shirts + White Ink Undebase

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Hello, I need some advise. I am about to quote 50 Black shirts. The customer wants 50/50 Poly/Cotton. Full Front, full back and Sleeve.
Printing with white ink on 50/50 is a real challenge and the customer wants good quality. I have read about Image Armour for dark shirts including 50/50's. Does anyone here have experience printing this type of job? Are the results good? Is Image Armour the way to go?

Any advise on what 50/50 black T-shirts to use?

Please let me know. I am hesitant because I haven't heard or read much about printing this type of work with good results and for the most part I have been trying to stay away from them.

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Not gonna work, waste of time : )
It will print and look awesome but when you heat press looks like sh^t : )
Def stay away from 50/50 hoody too, only 90/10 Hanes work
50/50 only works with a black only print and sometimes it looks faded. White ink does not work 50/50 . Tell them that's the nature of the beast but make sure you offer a solution of doing a nice 100% shirt such as 5180 or next level ringspun
Thank you Sean and Javi. I contated Brian from Image Armour and also Brothers tech support. Brian and Brothers had similar responses. At this point there is no pretreatment able to print on polyester with white ink underbase compatible with Brothers inks. I don't know about other inks from different manufacturers.
I printed the black (30) shirts, 3 locations using Hanes Nano's. They came out very nice, customer was happy with the results and quality of the shirts. I also printed over 30 shirts, reds, yellows, greens and other assorted color. The images was just black ink on Gildan's 200. The first 2 I didn't used any pretreatment and they were Ok. Black was good black. I tried the DTG pretreatment on one and it came out much nicer, deeper black and almost not fibers if any from the shirt showed thru. I pretreated the rest. It added a little more cost to the job and I will absorb it but will show the customer the difference between both processes and if customers agrees will charge accordingly on future orders. I don't know if Brian can send small sample for testing but he claims Image Armour will blow away the competition. I may try his product when I am finish with the DTG pretreatment.

Thanks again

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