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Need advice with this CMYK print

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hi guys,
I need some advice on this my new job.
To have a good end result of the image. how many print colors?
I was thinking of a water-color printing.
print on white jersey cotton 100%

Also any advice on color separation would be very useful!
I will try to make my first separation with Ultrasep or Separation Studio (demo versions then buy the final version)

Thanks in advance !

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ok guys,
I'm trying to print this image. I did the separation using separation studio:
1. white underbase
2. black
3. red
4. gold
5. white top
(if i print on white cotton i can safely skip the white underbase, right??)

Now i will try to print in two different versions, plastisol ink and water based ink.
For the plastisol no problem, i found the PMS color references and I will use colors union ink "Mixopake MIXE ink series".
Now i need to try the same print with the same separations but using water based ink, what kind of water inks should I choose?

thanks for your help
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