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Need advice with Oki 3200 and Techni-Print 4.0 paper

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I'm trying Techni-Print 4.0 paper with my Oki c3200. I am perhaps mistaken for not ordering the "original". I did get about 40 transfers to go through last week, but now when I want to print, it keeps jamming in the fuser after 3 prints.

I used to use the "ultra heavy" paper setting with success, but now after trying to figure out the jamming and melting, I switched to the "labels 2" setting. The "Labels 1" setting would fuse half the page, and the second half would flake off. I can do about 3 pages before it jams up and gets stuck in the fuser.

Is it the summer heat? Humidity? It's from the same batch of papers I had success with. Is there a successful setting I haven't tried? Should I not have this paper in the first place?

I had to order it because my usual Duracotton website was down for revamping, but now it's back up again. What is the favorite transfer paper for Oki 3200 users?
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