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Need Advice starting T-Shirt Website

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Anything I need to think about? Any ideas on themes or designs?
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You should try to look on some T-shirt Printing websites for some ideas of layouts and themes. Just do some google work. :)
see some sites examples at Google by using this query "t-shirt printing". I suggest you a site you must see which is vista print. See the t-shirt portion of that sites you'll get a awesome idea.
Try Big Cartel

Once I get going, I plan on using Big Cartel for starting out and if everything keeps going good, then I'll plan for a professional website.

There's different packages and themes for Big Cartel as well.
stay away from typical and mundane which means if you use a template (which is what I recommend) then you must customize it. If I had it to all over again I'd probably go with BigCartel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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