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Need Advice: Screen printing large image on a rounded surface

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Looking for direction on how one could print a waterproof 12" by 16" image on a curved surface.(50 umbrellas) Would i need to print on a latex type paper sticker and apply with heat?
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Umbrellas can be printed directly unopen and between the tines. And you can also do digital transfers with appropriate attachment for a heat press. And they can be custom done all over prior to assembly. Check with either the umbrella maker for recommendations and an ink manufacturer.
Digtial heat transfer? I'm wanting to print 1 large image that will cover 75% of the nylon umbrella. It needs to cover over some of the ridges and right over the top button. any other ideas or links?
pretty please with sugar on top. :)
I don't think it's gonna happen without disassembling the umbrellas.
If you're intent on doing it yourself, I would imagine someone someplace sells just the blank panels/canopies that could be sublimated, screen printed, vinyl decorated or airbrushed then assenbled into the hardware. Try calling some manufacturers to see.

How many are you needing to do?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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