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I am using the JetPress14 from Signwarehouse and Hot Mark 70. I am trying to press onto a pair of 95% Cotton/5% Spandex Undies. I am pressing @ approx 350 degrees for 15 seconds, cold peel.

When peeling, it never fails that some small part of the decal stays stuck to the backing .. when I try to re-press, it seems to make it even worse and actually burn it into the backing.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? When I use ThermaFlex Plus it seems to go MUCH better, but for this specific project I am doing I only have the color I need in stock in Hot Mark 70 so I am stuck using it for now ... I feel like the hot mark is somehow burning itself onto it's backing, yet when I try to press at a lower temp (300), the ends of the decal end up not sticking fully.. I can't win!
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