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HI everyone! :)
My name's Amaa, I'm a newbie and I'm currently working on starting a new T Shirt line called VELCRO By FK.
After doing loads of research on this site and others, it's fairly clear to me that one of the first steps I need to take is to really decide on the vision and image of my brand and make everything about it; my t shirts, website, etc echo that vision. I've been doing a lot of thinking and here's what I've come up with so far: (Sorry, it's a bit long!)

I live in London and here I realised that we have basically two types of fashion: High Street and High-end, with High street T shirt designs being very vibrant and cool with colours and funny slogans at fairly cheap prices and High end tees being more having that ''i'm expensive' quality even though the designs are more simple. And I kind noticed that whenever me and my friends were looking for just a casual tee we would immediately think high street, but if we had an event where we wanted to look good we'd go high end even though you can find good tees just about anywhere if you look well enough.

I want VELCRO by FK tees to be about making anybody feel good in them whilst looking good aswell anywhere and on any occasion. I'm trying to form a brand that would be high-end quality at high street prices. I would like my shirts to look and feel expensive, without actually being so.
I was thinking of 'Velcro By FK... It's a lifestyle' as a slogan kind of thing on the website. Just because the designs in the collection I'm working on are a bit random, although they all have some influences from pop culture with the exception of the odd vintage look/ funny tee.

The concept still needs a lot of fine tuning, but that's about it for now.
Please leave any comments or advice or just general opinions about whether you think it's a good workable concept that has potential!
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