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So, im a current college student, but me & a friend of mine are trying to start a scalable westernized/african clothing line. At first we were trying to outsource our fabric manufacturer from Africa but we were unable to find a reliable website that was able to produce large amounts of the fabric on demand, at a cheap price. We later found a chinese website that produces it on their own and also has wholesale options. The next problem we encountered was finding a tailor/clothier that would be able to create the custom clothing we'd need, but on demand. Since we're trying to follow a scalable model, we'd prefer them to be able to create the article of clothing after being purchased from the website. We have found some companies and are waiting on quotes, but we feel as if buying the outsourced fabric and then having them ship it to the tailor, and then shipped to the customer is too timely and not cost efficient. Does anyone have any advice on what we should do? We're college students so we don't have much money to invest, that's why we're trying to run a scalable business.
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