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Well, I built a website and got a bunch of my designs together.

*a quick note about what I'm doing, I'm in the process of opening a non-profit to aid those in need (natural disasters, homeless, etc.) and instead of just running around asking for money, I'm trying to earn it*

My situation does not support large inventory and I don't have a place to do screen printing...so,

I joined Zazzle and started loading all my work there (spent oodles of hours on it all!). The problem I have is the pricing, I'm not trying to gouge people and to even make close to 2 bucks the shirts w/shipping will be 20-30+ dollars!?! It's all well and fine for them and I get that they have to make money, but I REALLY need to move on and find a better and cheaper way.


#1. Heat transfer seems to be the way for me to go to make a reasonably priced shirt, What company(s) would you suggest I look into?

#2. Aside from heat transfer and the ability to do light colors (and white!) on dark shirts...I have access to a printer I could get "pigment ink" for and do the iron on things. Should I bother or just do all heat transfer...if it is feasible, any suggestions on brand(s) of transfer paper?

#3. I am looking for middle of the road t-shirts (not cheapest, decent quality). I can't afford to buy in huge bulk, but I Really need to find a place to get some, maybe somewhere between 40 to a couple hundred...and do they offer some variety of sizes, colors, gender?

With all the bad things that have been happening (I live in Florida and took a direct hit from hurricane Irma!), I could be helping people...I just need to get this going to be able too.

Thank you Very much for reading and your responses!!!

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For a worthy cause, I might pay $30 for a t-shirt if it's attractive. I would never pay that kind of money for a heat transferred shirt, unless you're talking about plastisol transfers For either process, you will need to use a heat press.

I would just as soon contribute $30 to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army as get a low-quality shirt.
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