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need accurip help - color separation and registration mark issues

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si i just got the accurip trial, i plan to buy it soon. i am trying to print films for a 2 color job. i am having trouble with two things, color seperation and registration marks.

the colors are black and orange and i cant figure out how to seperate them.

and when i go to marks and bleed in the print window and select regestraion marks it doesnt print them.
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I don't think you can print from the trial version.
I don't think you can print from the trial version.
Yes you can, for 14 days.

What program are you using to separate the artwork? What format is the art in?
I use Corel to seperate and use accurip to print the positives
Accurip doesnt put reg marks on the film ...or separate colors...you need a graphics program to do those 2 things..... and I think the reason the marks arent printing is because your artwork is bigger or at least the same size as the film you are printing on.you need to make the artwork a bit smaller than the film size.

i am using illustrator, the image they sent me is a png file, my artwork isnt as big as my film it is way smaller but i can always just make my own i just really need to seperate the colors right now.
this is the image i am trying to do. it may be easy to some but i am very inexperienced with this part of the process


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try this a video on making registration marks in illustrator
will do. anyone have some advice on how to separate the orange and black
Very simple 5 minute job with Photoshop for someone that knows what they're doing. Illustrator won't be able to sep the colors as your original isn't a vector image.
Inked helped me out on this. Thank you to everyone who gave me tips
hey ride out i was having the same problem with sum of my artwork the registration marks can be implemented in your print preview on the left hand side u can put your marks in there and they will print out. i used accurip for the 14days but was also checking around for other rip software, and by far the best one ive found is powerrip screenprint. it will render the object you are printing before its printed(as long as you have your printer turned off). i ran into the problem of part of an artwork not showing up so i had to render the object in the print software first with accurip i couldnt do it. but powerip allowed me too so i was able to tinker and then render to see what was actually printing, long stroy short i found the problem and love powerrip now. there is also settings in power rip to reduce the amount of ink thats put on the film and all that sorts. for me when dealing with someone else designing ur artwork they know what is going on with the artwork but when it comes to printing not all of them do so its good to be able to see what actually printing versus what your print preview shows cause that is not always correct.
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