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Hi, I'm a graphic designer planning on starting my own t-shirt brand.

I want to design. Not primarily print, package and ship.

I've done a lot of research but haven't found what I'm looking for yet. I would like to find a partner that can as much of this as possible:

* Has organic t-shirts in multiple colors (for example the new colored organic t-shirts from american apparel)

* Can print large prints


* Can do inside neck prints or some sort of custom labeling


* Can receive "1 item a time" orders via API or e-mail as I want do design my own shop and ship them to customers


Can sell smaller quantities of apparel at a time and warehouse them and send them out as orders come in via API or e-mail


Please tell me what you can do and lets get going, I'm exited to get started!


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Getting all those in one could be an issue. Printfection.com has a great API, but they don't print on American Apparel/organic t-shirts or do relabeling.

Taglessthreads.com can do the on demand printing (I think) and relabeling, but they don't have an API.

There are lots of people here that could source organic blanks and print and fulfill orders for you on demand with the DTG printing machines that they own (like threadsafeinc.com), but they probably won't have an API for automating it. You could probably work out something less automated via email notifications though.
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