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Who can help me to produce a little clothing line for women in Bali?

i need:
1) Somebody who can make samples for 3 to 5 womens tops with a fit that i want to have. It should be a t-shirt (most tops) line for young ladies. (ca 30 years). The shirts should have a loose, cool fit (most of them are A-Line tops) and made of a cool light-weight jersey . Some of the shirts are maybe also made with 2 different kinds of fabric. Can be jersey and jersey too.

2) After the sample jersey top we need a print: I'd like to have an allover print on the jersey we use. Camou, Batik or Flower-print.. to use for the shirts.

3) I want to have some studs or strass (that stay there also if i wash them 20 times) on the shirts.

Who can make that for me ? Somebody has an idea ?
My questions are:
1) Can you sew some sample tops for me and produce them later? They are pretty easy.
2) How long would it take to get a sample of the finished pattern / shirt ? How much costs 1 sample of a top?
3) Do you do also studs (different ones)... Maybe you can send me a picture of what we can do?
4) Can you make me an allover print on the jersey ? (guess yes). Right now i just have things on my mind and i wanted to take it more easy this time . So no photoshopping until now. Just head-pictures. So i would like to be in your office and try some cool things out with you. Do you have someone who can understand my ideas and make cool stuff while im there ;-)?

I could be in Bali in May for 3 days to talk and try to get the right fit, the right print and the right studs for the shirts.
After 2 weeks or so i could come back for another 3 days to check the results and fix the rest and ship everything.

Of course id like to know also a price. Heres my information for you:
- 3 or 4 different tops
- ca 50 pieces per style -> 150 shirts

Would be happy if anybody can help me. Posted quiet the same post also on the Asia Forum - Philippines. Im pretty open where to go on my next holi-busi-happy-days.

Hope to hear from you!!!
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