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I am looking for someone that can produce a very small run (between 3-5) basketball jerseys for me.

I prefer someone that carries Signature Sportswear's 'DZVIT' blank or something similar.

Signature Sportswear, Inc.

jerseys will say 'LCBK' and have a team number on the front, and have a name and team number on the back.

Cost effectiveness is a must, so I would prefer to do the lettering as vinyl

here is a small mockup of what i need. If you have a blank garment that's more like the mockup then the signature sportswear jersey I suggested, that's a plus.

Read !!!

let me know please. email with quotes Xedora at gmail dot com.

Also, I do not need shorts, even though the mockup suggests otherwise.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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