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need a printer with postscript

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hi, everyone i just started a screen printing company and i have a pc with windows 7 i use coreldraw suite x5 tried to print the colors separated but my printers are not postscript. what can i do? do i have to buy a new printer with postscript? and if so what brand would u recommend? i have a 350 dollar limit please help me
thank you
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Depends on what brand of printer you already have. I just switched to an Epson 1400 with Accurip and all black inks. My old set up was an Epson 3000 with FASTRip. Go to www.screenprintingsupplies.com look at the package they offer. Call them and ask if the Long Beach show special is still available. GOOD LUCK
I need information on roll-fed postscript inkjets used film for burning screens, especially simulated process art, but I don't want it to cost me an arm and both legs. A 13" width would do. Anybody have a suggestion?
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