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Need a picture done

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for someone to design a graphic tornado for me. Not too much detail bit enough to make it pop. Please message me with quotes. I also have pictures to how I want it to look like. I'm also looking for full ownership when finished.

Thanks in advance!
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I can do all those things and of course pretty reasonably priced.. email me what you are looking for at dlacart[USER=130301]@mediacom[/USER]bb.net and I will send you some of my past work on that kind of thing and we can go from there
also cruise by www.art4tees.com and look at some of my past work
I'll happily do what I can to help. Email me at nocodestudios[USER=28522]@EM[/USER]ail.com

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Sounds simple enough. You can have a look at my signature link below for some samples of my work. If you're interested after that, feel free to email me! Happy Hunting =)
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