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need a name for new website

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i will be selling funny shirts, and custome heat press vinyl texted shirts. i cant seem to figure out a good name that hasnt been used. any suggestions, some that you will not mind if i use if i like it
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these were my ideas:
UglyShirts .com(kinda just a joke)
How about: fun-e-tees.com or bust-a-gut-tees.com
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what about 2funnyTs ?
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Seeing as this forum is read by, like, 100,000 folks, I would go and register every name you are considering, instead of waiting until you have decided on just one. Otherwise, that one will not be available when you go to buy it.
I have a very unusual name for my shop, not protected yet, so not going to mention it. What type of funny shirts, wot type of humour ?. The way i got my name was to sit in a coffee shop and I came up with about 70 names, I then cut them to 10 and chose the best, have you tried this?.
If you PM me and let me know, I will have a go, as I have loads of free time on me hands.

Regards Obeseman
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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