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I have a buddy who has a shop located not far from me. He had a guy who was doing some basic freelance design work for him, but that guy is now leaving for active duty.

Anyway, the guy he had wasnt an all-star or a full time employee. He did piece work freelance design. 99% spot color and none of it more than four colors. My buddy has a full time job and runs his t-shirt business with the help of a few employees. So he can do the art work but usually doesnt have time. I dont have time either, but I help when I can.

Here is what he needs.

#1 Someone who can design in Corel Draw. Sorry Illustrator guys, but thats his rule. If you want to design in AI and can open it in your own copy of CD and everything looks good, that works too.

#2 Someone who has a paypal account to accept payments. Usually paid upon delivery of the art work.

#3 Someone who is reliable. If you say youre going to do something do it. If you can't do it, dont say that you can and it will be handled another way. There is nothing wrong with being unable to get something done.

#4 Someone who know that text on the back of a shirt and a pocket logo is not a $50 piece of design work. Have a resonable price and you can make a nice chunk of change each week for your spare time designing.

What you need to do is send about a half dozen of your designs over and the prices you would charge for said design and how long it took you to complete the design.

The only way to tell if you can do the job is to see your work. The only way to know what you expect to be paid is to see what you would be paid. If it takes you three hours to do a design that consists of American flag (inside a container) with text (arc and outlined) and you expect to be paid $20 an hour, then maybe it wont work out.

If you think youre a match, send over a couple of your designs in jpeg but send atleast oen or two in .cdr so it can be examined for easy of use in the screen printing world.

send it to me .... i'll review it and then you will be directed to him (yes im getting a finders fee of a free steak by finding someone to help him).

send it on over.
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I think I can fit your bill if you have not yet found anyone. I have no idea what James has for an hourly rate but I am probably little more affordable because I am not quite as talented but I do some pretty good stuff and it is always printable in whatever program you desire... www.lakecountrygraphics.com for some samples and [email protected] to request more.. Have references, lot of art, lot of ability an work pretty fast
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