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i need to have a customers artwork color separated.

i work in corel draw x4. i normally do all my own artwork, in vector, and thus, have the ability to separate myself.

however, a customer has provided me with a bmp scan of a hand drawing. marker & pencil. it's red, white, blue, and black.

i'm still new enough that it's beyond me to separate a raster image.

if cost is affordable i may want to convert to vector as well, so we can make some changes to it. because, of course, part of the top is missing... grrrr.

looking for 4 color separation, with halftones. saved in cdr or eps so i can open in corel x4. and possible conversion to 4 color vector.

please email sales[USER=43505]@Toledo[/USER]tees.com and i can send you the file for an estimate.

provided artwork is a .bmp saved at 1700x2338 and appears to be 200 dpi at 24bit
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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