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I am a professional artist, tattoo artist, pinstriper, and very capable of drawing anything. I recently got into screen printing and was surprised to find out how many other screen printers aren't pen artists. Alot of them seem to want to just find a picture and then modify it in adobe or corel.

Sometimes you just can't find what your looking for.
This is where I come in. Describe to me what you are needing and even send me your sketches and I will create the artwork for you.....in pen and ink.

Most of you are very capable artists in adobe and corel and can easily adapt my artwork for your needs.

My fees are $150 per hour. I work very fast and will not waste your time or money.
I will submit as many different drawings as you require.
I will quote all projects before beginning work and once payment is recieved I will complete your art in 3 days or less, for most projects.

If you would like more info please feel free to PM me.
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