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Need a custom t-shirt manufacturer

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Hi can anyone help in pointing me to a quality t-shirt manufacturer that will make t-shirts to a specific template. I'm looking into starting a brand, not just printing on pre made blank shirts.
I have ideas for t-shirt styles and also innovative labelling.
I see a lot of brands make their clothing in Mexico, India, China, Indonesia and so on. I'm looking for something like this to get some samples and get straight into first batch production.
I had some samples made with one small company which didn't turn out too well. I'm looking for a business with a reputation of quality manufacture.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks a lot
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Hi, I don't know of any manufactures but have you thought of starting with some of the tagless garments you can get which are designed so that you can add your own labels.
How many do you want? Most of the "reputable" manufactureres from Asia will only talk to you if You order hundreds of thausand pieces.
Contact a local fashion college and talk to some local seamstresses about making samples to your spec. Then yu have samples you can show print-cut-sew houses to quote you.
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Had a contact from Canada I was going this way but things got out of my budget not way out but enough to make me rethink
I can try to dig out the contact detail if you are still going down this interesting path
Hi charto,
Sorry, But I don't know any custom T-shirt manufacturer.Everyone know, Internet is a great source for finding anything, so you should search on web to find a custom T-shirt manufacturer in your area.This option will definitely work for you.
There are some embroidery companies who provide vast varieties of T-shirts with screen print , some of them are ready to start with small amount. You can contact Migdigitizing , they will help you for sure.
That's Amazing!

Would you guyz mind to read the date of OP's requirement? he needed it in April of 2k14.
That's Amazing!

Would you guyz mind to read the date of OP's requirement? he needed it in April of 2k14.

Hahha... Daniel Collin was the one who begins it :D:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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