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Need a cartoon type of character in vector format

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Anybody can help??
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FYI...I believe file sharing is against firm rules. But you can find some free cartoon images at Clipart - High Quality, Easy to Use, Free Support and there are others. Just Google for free clip art
Nope I have the image but I want it drawn in computer
Some line art or something
It's not copy write image
Download and install InkScape at Draw Freely. | Inkscape
Open your image in InkScape
Use the vector trace tool to vectorize the image.
Clean up the vectors if needed.
I tried coral draw x3 tracing tools but no good results
You Inkscape is better?
InkScape is very good and it is free! Corel Draw is usually very good as well however. Give InkScape a try and see if the results are better. If your image is complex, regardless of the algorithm used you will likely have cleanup. Here is an example of a picture that was vectorized. An interesting approach where it was vectorized twice with different settings and then combined. This turned out very well I think.

Vectorization Of A Photograph For Vinyl Cutting Using InkScape | Cutterpros.com
With any programs like " Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape " and I know there is more. Your going to have to actually put some work into making the images into a vector, that is going to look decent. And a lot of the live traces work to a extent but they don't have good results. And the only time they do is if the image is really really really good.
when i get a vector drawing program, i'm going with xara for a few reasons:
- it's cheaper than both corel draw and ilu$taror, even with the full $300 package that includes a decent photo editor and webpage maker
- it's easier to use, especially compared to illustrator
- it's actually FASTER than at least illustrator

as an old school "teesquares and exact knives" artist, xara appeals to me for ease of use and affordability, especially when illustrator charges $30+ a month in rent when there's no guarantee i'll make any mony freelancing.

inkscape is highly regarded in the freeware realm, and might be the best program if you want freeware. i dismissed it myself in my research as it's described as complicated to use and doesn't do gradient meshes (whatever those are) or the industry standard pantone color matching system which is a pretty essential feature for a serious graphic artist.

do a keyword search for "freeware alternatives to illustrator" and there are a couple websites that do overviews of what's available. there's nearly a dozen alternatives to inkscape, but that one is the fullest featured.

good luck with your projact.

oh... you can also get a free trial of xara, but i don't know if you can save your results. that'd be the easiest tool to use. if i had a computer, i'd already be going through all of the tutorials and learning it from top to bottom

hope something here helps
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