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I would recommend a platen cover. A non stick sheet is always handy for some applications. Other than that I would recommend getting used to the heat press before purchasing and accessories.

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I am new to heat transfers and have just purchased a Geo Knight Auto-open Clam Press. What other accessories are recommended/ needed? Cover sheet, platen cover, etc? Thank you!

Really depends what your going to use it for.

But a bottom platen cover and a teflon cover sheet would be the least.
Heat tape would be another thing you might want to have on hand.

Some other things depending on what your going to be making could be:
Green rubber mat
Nomex felt pad
Teflon pillows
Craft cover sheets
Parchment paper
Heat eraser
Rubber pads to raise areas off the lower platen (like a print prefect pad)
Adhesive spray
Tape dispenser
Lint roller
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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