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NBA logo text, can anyone tell me what font this is?

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Need help figuring out exactly what font the "NBA" text is in. Thanks!

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Helvetica Compressed

What will also work is...

swiss 911 compressed
Attriumvirate - Compressed

good luck.
hi i really need the font of the basketball word in the pic, so can some kind soul please find it for me. ive tried whatthefont but have failed to come up with an appropriate font. :(
It could be a custom font developed by Adidas. You're best bet may may be to search popular font sites like Dafont.com and find something as close as possible. I doubt you will find the exact font, but I'm sure there are some replicas or very similar fonts out there.
I agree with tim, it is some altered font by adidas. There is one font that is similar except for a few letters.

Download Vectora® 95 Black - Linotype.com

The letters you will have to re-create or customize are the A's, S's, and O's (at least). You will have to adjust the kerning pretty tight and overlap some letters. It will take some work but this font is a good start.

See the below image. The Vectora95black is the font in red.


good luck.
howztuff is very helpful to find variety of NBA font.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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