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navigating legal issues with large giveaways?

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I would like to do a raffle/giveaway to further market my brand and also to bring in some added income. I had originally wanted to do some sort of raffle but found out its illegal unless you get the proper approvals, which are nearly impossible to get. I read a way around this is to offer a product for sale (i.e t shirts) and then whoever buys a shirt is entered into a free drawing. However, I thought I read that this will violate a gaming and gambling law that states you cant require someone to buy a product in order to win a prize... The prize I want to give away is worth $1000 and everything will be done online, no cash transactions. so it will be fairly trackable by authorities so I want to do things legitimately. Is there any way I can accomplish what I am trying to do and be legal? The short and skinny is that I would like to enter only those people who purchase a shirt during one set month into a drawing of a prize valued at $1000. Help me out if you have any info.
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Thanks for the link. So I am SOL I guess since I want the drawing to be at random. I didn't see anywhere on there, could I do a contest for entry and then draw for the winner?
Sell sponsorships.
what do you mean? selling a sponsorship in my mind would mean I would have to give everyone one of these prizes.
Not really, you make a couple of banners and other promo material that advertises the sponsor that is supporting your give away.
GIYF: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=how+to+get+sponsors+for+an+event&safe=on
Thanks but I don't think that will work in my position. Everything will be online. the drawing will be done on a live feed. There wont be an event to attend where a banner would be displayed
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