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Nath brand t-shirts, anyone worked with them?

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Hi, i was wondering if anyone has used a company called Nath , it's Spanish, they have Europe-wide distribution, for screenprinting. I used them for some samples with water-based ink and after the first wash i noticed a quite a problem of fibrilation. I'm not sure if it was a fault of the screenprinter or the quality of the t-shirt, which looked fine to start with ...
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I have a friend who is living in Barcelona, who is doing t-shirt business and wholesale, if you are interested, like to give the contact.

hi bill
well sure, give me his contact but i'm interested in knowing what results people got by printing on Nath t-shirts in particular, because i was intenting to use them
I have used a nath vest,to transfer a foto with a laser printer transfer.Optimum results.
Does anyone else use a laser printer to transfer photos onto poliester tshirts??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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