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My Website/Brands and Thanks to this Forum

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I would just want to start off by saying once more, this site has yielded me a wealth of information. I wish there was some way I could financially contribute my thanks to perhaps help with server cost. Please let me know if it is possible.

Anyhow, I am about to head out again to retailers in my area and surrounding cities... From my research on this site I think I am more prepared than I was before.

My site is ROMNUS.COM, which is has all my brands. They are:

1. Claim Supremacy (Combat Sports, MMA)
2. ROMNUS (MMA, Action Sports)
3. American Empire Company (Patriotic wear, Action Sports, MMA)
4. Culture of Corruption (Skate and Street Wear, Corrupt/Anti-Corrupt Clothing) Two brands in one.
5. Dateolicious (Girls and Women Clothing line)

In the future I plan to segregate each brand on thier own website. Now it is too expensive to do that.

Currently, I am having 35 more designs created so the website will be more cluttered than it is now.

I would like some feed back on my brands and site if possible and any advice that can be given to me specifically. Also, if you are interested a sales rep job let me know. Thanks.
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Very nice site! I like your designs as well.

Are you doing the printing yourself or contracting out?
I contract it out locally to impressink.com here in Florida. Thanks for the complements.
I am new to the website. Can you recommend a trademark attorney? Did you hire an attorney?

Great website!
All my trademarks was done by me. It is quite easy to do, however it is expensive. Make sure you have everything that is needed, such as a specimen (Shirt with logo), make sure you have tags as well to display in your specimen. Without tags on display with the shirt, the USPTO might not register the trademark.
Thank you so much...I have to start with the shirts....
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