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Hi All you t-shirt designers and screen printing addicts!
20 years ago I designed my 1st t-shirt, had it screen printed and sold 100 in 15 minutes at a softball tourn. and knew right then THIS was what I wanted to do! It wasn't always that easy but for 9 great years I designed and screen printed t-shirts in sunny Southern California, not getting rich but doing life "my way". When I turned 32 life changed... I got married, had kids, moved to Oregon, and left the industry.:( But it has never really left me. I have craved the fun and freedom to express myself with my own press again. Well, my kids are teenagers, my husband works a lot, SO, my time has come! Yesterday I bought a slightly used Harco 4-color 2-station, 6 screens, hat attachment print station w/ screens, jacket hold down, 3 squeegees, and a small not very good flash unit for $950. Fair enough. Now I NEED a small 24" WIDE 6 TO 8 foot conveyer dryer to fit in my garage. I can pay $600 - $900 for a working one, or perhaps you have one, or know of one that isn't working... I'll take it! Depending on the size, brand, shape of it will depend on what I'd pay. So, my fellow screen printing addicts, if you can help me get back in the action I'd really appreciate it.

Savvy in Oregon!
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