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My Successful Homemade DTG PRINTER!

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Hello guys!

After 1 month of work and stress I have finally build my homemade dtg printer.

Here's a video of it, there 4 parts.
Only 3 parts is available now, part 4 is coming soon.


The part 1,2,3 I had a very bad garment holder as you can see some black ink on the t-shirt... But on part 3 on the last t-shirt I have setup a perfect t-shirt holder and I was able to print without errors.
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Good Job Johnson :D Can you tell us about the steps how you convert it to DTG and how you achieve it successfully! Also what kind of ink are you using? and can you print on black t-shirts?! Thanks!!
Good job and congratulations ! What is the model of this Epson. I have already destroyed 3 epson c67, R290 and Epson 1410 but, no success. What kind of ink you are using on t-shirt and is this washable or not ?
Nice Job Mr. Johnson. How does the feed work? What's up with the Gloves. Was it cold in the area you're printing? Also noticed you had to keep holding one of the bottons. Was that due to the Door Open sensor?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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