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my screen is losing registration after 10 shirts

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okay im just a beginner at shirts, i coated and burned my screen using dc521 emulsion. (first time using this) first couple screens came out awesome, no flaws or pinholes, now that im on my 10th print ive notice blurring in the final product. could this be that i didnt expose my screen long enough? ive notice the emulsion starting to lose registration on the screen.
thanks in advance
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You say the emulsion is loosing registration? Is it deterating or is there excessive ink. Did you post expose screen after wash out. What ink type? What mesh? What color ink? Without more info or some pics it's hard to help you diagnosis the problem. I will start by saying I looked up your emulation and it supports all textile inks so that's not the problem.
What keeps registration is the Registration Gate. It's not the Micro Registration as people mention. I'm sure they just mean, to setup Registration.

Any how, are your Heads Tight? Screens need to be tight too. If not, they may move and through off registration.

What screen printing press are you using?
Are the actual edges of the emulsion disolving or breaking down ?? or is ink migrating under the emulsion giving you an irregular edge ? Several factors could cause the printed image to "grow" or move slightly even if the screen is being held solid. We need more info. in order to help.
Is it a all over blur or what I like to call ghosting. Sometimes when your printing and you change up stroke from a push to a pull and you have a big off contact the screen mesh will strech slightly different and ink on the shirt side of the screen will get on that side of the screen. So when you go and load your next shirt to print not only are you laying in through hour screen but the shirt os picking up the ghost in from the under side of the screen like a ink blur or glow efect.

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Maybe an ink buildup.... How's your screen after use?
check your press for any play in the hardware.

Does that happen on the entire image or are you saying on a part of the persons image he or she is screen printing?

I noticed something like what you're trying to discribe on an order about 2 weeks ago. I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it, but I think it was a small order so I readjusted the Off Contact and cleaned the t-shirt side of the screen.
Usaly just on part of the image, sorry for all the misspelled words, I do 90% of my fourm posting from my phone.

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I understand. I do half my posting from my iPhone, and it auto corrects all the time.

So, having your Off Set to High also causes a ghosting look on part of the image being screen printed.

One day I was lazy and didn't reset the settings. Damaged a few extra t-shirts.

I finally readjusted, cleaned and corrected the issue.
Offset was to high, recleaned the bottom of the screen and reset the off contact. Worked good, I was just scared I didn't burn right
Great to hear Rufus. Have a couple jobs to finish myself.
Offset was to high, recleaned the bottom of the screen and reset the off contact. Worked good, I was just scared I didn't burn right

Just what I have in mind.... :D GREAT!
Oh the joys of screen printing. The good thing is, soon enough, you will be a pro helping others out!
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