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My review for Epson T3270 for positives

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We recently upgraded from an Epson 7880 to a T3270. We also upgraded from one of the first AccuRIP builds to Black Pearl. (Yes, I was working with dinosaurs. I was using CS2 software until a few weeks ago.) This new printer is a BEAST!

I had a little trouble installing AccuRIP, as I'm not the most computer savvy guy. I can work Illustrator and PS pretty good, but I tend to muddle a bit when dealing with software/hardware issues. The support people at www.softwareforscreenprinters.com were super helpful getting me up and running on my RIP.

Now, for the printer. This thing had been sitting in the shop collecting dust for over a year.(Never been used, just sitting.) I got everything all connected and the ink charged. My first test print came out streaky as hell. Ran a head clean, and the next test was a little better. One more head clean, and this printer started producing the most dark, beautiful positives you could ask for.

All in all, I give the T3270 5 stars if anybody is looking at one.
It prints film a lot faster than our old 7880 and uses a lot less of the color ink with cleaning cycles. I love it so far!

*Disclaimer* This isn't a shill post, I'm just a guy working in a screenprint shop in Little Rock. Just wanted to put it out there if anybody is looking at one of these beasts! :D
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Amen! One of the best investment I have made in a while.
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